Dad's story

Our family has been so lucky in so many ways, and still is I’d never had anyone close to me pass away and receiving the news that Dad had been diagnosed with a terminal condition was surreal and very difficult to accept. The question I couldn’t get past was why?

Why my dad, a man who hardly drank, who didn’t smoke, ate well, kept fit and rarely ever visited the doctor had developed an aggressive and fatal tumour? I’ve spent probably far too long pondering this question but thanks to the research efforts of Professor Cobbs I have an answer.

Contrary to popular theories it has nothing to do with mobile phones, sleeping with electrical appliances next to your head, building up years of suppressed anger nor any of the many other reasons currently used to explain a disease that is not yet well understood.

No the answer is much simpler: Dad had just caught a virus, perhaps from an act as innocent as the sharing of food utensils. He’d been infected with a common but not well known Herpes virus, Cytomegalovirus and it had caused the growth of the tumour. Had he never been infected with this virus he would most definitely still be here today, brain tumour free.